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About K9 Couture Grooming/Dental Services

We groom one pet at a time, by appointment only. Your pet is the only animal being groomed in the groom room. Our groomers hand dry your pet, we do not cage dry like most groomers.

We routinely see dogs that have previously been traumatized at other grooming facilities because of the large quantity of dogs taken in at one time. This creates an intense experience for the pet. Our doggie customers love our groomers because they get undivided attention and it is not a rushed experience. We may take longer than the typical chain store grooming business, but it is because we go at your pet's pace, and our groomers pay close attention to detail. Our groomers are very patient and treat your pet like their own so you are in good hands when you come to K9 Couture. 


Dental Cleaning Service



  • Available for all cats and dogs of all sizes and temperaments
  • will take place in a Private, Calm and Relaxed environment
  • 100% natural & holistic service while your pet is awake. There is no use of any medications or supplements
  • Cosmetic teeth cleaning service of brushing & hand scaling above the gum line to gently remove plaque & tartar

Please use the from above to book an appointment, or call us at (416)915-9959 or e-mail us at and one of our staff will contact you back.

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